Consumiamo, ma non creiamo

La tecnologia ci ha trasformati in psico-consumatori, alla costante ricerca di qualcosa di nuovo da fagocitare, limitando lo spazio nel nostro cervello dedicato alla creazione. Un punto di vista da non sottovalutare.

But the real tragedy of modern technology is that itโ€™s turned us into consumers. Our voracious consumption of media parallels our consumption of fossil fuels, corn syrup, and plastic straws. And although weโ€™re starting to worry about our consumption of those physical goods, we seem less concerned about our consumption of information.

We treat information as necessarily good, and comfort ourselves with the feeling that whatever article or newsletter we waste our time with is actually good for us. We equate reading with self improvement, even though we forget most of what weโ€™ve read, and what we remember isnโ€™t useful.

So stop reading and start creating. Paint, draw, compose, code, or plan. It will be hard. It will be slow. It will be frustrating. But I promise it will be worth it.

ComunicazioneAndrea Contino