Do's & Don'ts

Fare tesoro vuol dire imparare. Non si smette mai di farlo. E in questo caso sono appunti per me stesso per come voglio crescere come persona.

Applicare a piacere anche quelli che ho omesso.

Don’t feel bad that you don’t know what’s going on, today no one knows what is going on.

Do ignore the trolls, what they’re looking for is a reaction, and once you give it to them they’re not only satisfied, they’re encouraged and double-down.

Don’t assume you’ve got all the facts. Chances are your news sources are biased. Or shaded.

Don’t assume anyone is that big and influential. We live in a decentralized world with little commonality.

Do know that everybody needs something to live for, and if you can provide it, you can be rich. Sure, people need products, but what I’m talking about here is ideas.

Don’t bother accumulating assets, it’s about experiences. No one wants to hear about your car, unless it’s a Tesla, they want to hear about where you ate, what you saw and where you traveled.

Don’t be late.

LifeAndrea Contino