Essere introverso

A me piace esserlo. E sono in pace con me stesso. Non sempre è facile farsi capire da chi ci circonda, ma col tempo le cose migliorano rispetto all’adolescenza.

È bello poi ritrovarsi in post come questo, oppure nella lettura di libri in grado di farti capire tante cose.

I am an introvert and I’m happy. I am learning to let my worries about being too quiet or too reserved slip out of my mind. I am focusing on liking myself and who I am, inside my books, my own head and my writing. I am very grateful to the close friends I do have, the people that understand what I prefer to do and prefer not to. Being an introvert means having a lot of time to myself, time that I cherish and time that I will always take advantage of. I may not be the biggest personality or the most outgoing person on the planet, but I’m more than OK with that.

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