Take that, Android!

Se quello che succede in Vegas, rimane a Vegas.

Lo stesso dovrebbe accadere con il tuo iPhone. Poi non è proprio così a livello di advertising, ma forse per il resto sì.

Questo il billboard al CES 2019, dove Apple non è stata presente all’interno della fiera, ma è riuscita comunque a fare molto rumore.

Apple CES 2019

Is this a whole new Apple? Or just a temporary lapse of humdrum?

Actually, it’s an echo of an earlier Apple, when headlines would both amuse and inform.

Steve Jobs’ goal was never just to sell a product, it was to build a stronger brand, and headlines were a big part of that.

Though he didn’t do the writing, Steve ruthlessly enforced the creative standards. In some way, every ad had to communicate that Apple was smarter, better and even funnier. Not goofy funny, but sophisticated funny.

Ken Segall.

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