Ancora sul multitasking

Su Medium un interessante post sui danni all'attenzione procurati da quella bella invenzione chiamata multitasking: 

In our modern digital world, we are using increasing numbers of different media at the same time. The effects of this on our general cognitive capacities are not yet clear, but there may well be some costs. A study in 2009 showed that people who chronically and heavily engage in multiple forms of media at the same time (e.g. talking on the phone, while working on an essay, while listening to music, while watching TV, etc), perform worse in standardized cognitive tests that measure working memory, attention, and task-switching (although a more recent study in 2013 suggested the opposite effect for task-switching).

Heavy media multitaskers may be more vulnerable to distraction and interference from irrelevant sources of information. When you constantly bounce between multiple sources of entertainment and work, you may well be training your mind to become more volatile and less able to sustain attention on the one important task you really need to complete.

Insomma, oltre ad essere palesemente non vero che l'uomo sia in grado di fare due cose contemporaneamente, c'è un'ampia crisi sulla memoria, sull'attenzione e sulle performance.

TecnologiaAndrea Contino