Risotto al salto

Time to time I like to share typical Italian dishes with my foreign friends. This is one of my favorite ones, right behind Pizza.

This is a little magic from Milan. The so called Risotto al Salto. Prepared with leftover risotto from the day before.

Here is the recipe, the closest to the original I found. From seriouseats:

1. Lightly grease two flat 10- or 11-inch plates (you can use any oil for this, or even some extra butter). In a well-seasoned 10-inch carbon steel skillet or a 10-inch nonstick skillet, melt butter overr high heat until foaming. Add rice and, using a spatula, pat it down to form a round pancake shape.

2. Continue cooking over high heat, patting the top and sides to form a compact, pancake-like round, and swirling to keep the pancake moving and to avoid hot-spots (it should not stick), until very well browned on on the first side (you can tell itโ€™s ready when you see that it has browned around the edges). If the pancake comes apart as you swirl and jiggle it, simply use the spatula to press it back together.

3. Carefully slide the pancake out onto one of the prepared plates, then invert the other prepared plate on top of it. In one very quick motion, flip the plates, then lift off the top plate. Very carefully slide the pancake back into the skillet; using the spatula to patch up any spots that were damaged during the flip. Continue cooking, swirling, jiggling, and patting with the spatula, until well browned on the second side.

4. Carefully slide the pancake out onto a warmed serving plate and grate the cheese all over. Serve right away.

Here is the best way to cook it:

Anyways, if you want to try the one I like the most, you have to go here: Antico Albergo. Itโ€™s a bit far away from downtown Milan, but worths a visit.

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