From Nomadism to Feudalism: A Web Transition

Over the past 25 years, the web appears to have transitioned from a primarily nomadic culture to a mostly agrarian one, mirroring the Neolithic Revolution 10,000 years ago.
The simplicity of HTML-only site building, spaces like Geocities & Angelfire, and cultural artifacts such as web rings coupled with poor search engine tech saw us navigate the web like nomads: from point to point, link to link.
The web has developed & so have the skills necessary to build within it. HTML was easy. CSS took a little more time & JS more again, alienating most and establishing a class hierarchy. Discovery was solved, weakening point-to-point navigation.
The literate Priesthood can still build & interface with the web, but the vast majority of people are relegated to the peasantry. โ€œFortunatelyโ€ for them, motivated benefactors have offered a Faustian bargain to make their lives โ€œeasierโ€.
Corporate Feudalism has emerged to create centralized, โ€œsafeโ€ spaces for the peasantry to work & play. Attention is farmed and sold in exchange for convenience, protection, mediated self-expression & an indifferent audience. You can do anything if itโ€™s within their borders.

Interesting point of view by designer Alexander Singh.

My question is: When will the Renaissance come? 

InternetAndrea Contino