To become a better writer

I do write way more than the time I should be spending on reading. But the following suggestion is gold.  

6. To Become a Better Writer, Read More
The best way to become a better writer is to read more and not just about a single subject matter. Why? Reading is the best way to generate new ideas. Every person has a different perspective on life. This comes from different experiences, cultural ideas, values, etc. You know things I donโ€™t know. You can make connections I canโ€™t make. By reading, you are allowing these unique connections to flourish, which can make you a better writer.
I have seen my own writing improve immensely due to my increased reading habit this past year. Remember, if you start to run out of ideas to write about, read some more and add fuel to your writing fire. Your brain is made formaking connections, finding patterns, and discovering new insights, so feed it regularly by reading.