SpaceX, Falcon Heavy and trash ads

It's always good to see things from another perspective. The yesterday's launch from Elon Musk's SpaceX is certainly a big step for humanity, but other things might have to be considered. Like a live streaming of a Tesla billboard in space.

There is ample prior art, but I suspect Elon Musk launching a Tesla Roadster into orbit will go down in history as the first notable advertisement in space, a marketing stunt for the ages. However, it seems problematic that billionaires can place billboards in orbit and then shoot them willy nilly into the asteroid belt without much in the way of oversight. As the Roadster recedes from Earth and our memory, will it become just another piece of trash carelessly tossed by humanity into a pristine wilderness, the first of many to come? Or as it ages, will it become an historic artifact, a orbiting testament to the achievement and naivety of early 21st century science, technology, and culture? Itโ€™s not difficult to imagine, 40 or 50 years from now, space tourists visiting the Roadster on its occasional flybys of Mars and Earth. I wonder what theyโ€™ll think of all this?


At one point, 2.3 million people were watching the livestream on Youtube โ€“ making it the second most popular livestream of all time.
The videos and reuploads have since attracted tens of millions more views and virtually every publication on the planet wrote about it.
Just days after car companies spent millions on commercials to run during the Super Bowl, Tesla probably beat them in overall reach simply because Musk used some synergy between his two companies.
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