Cattura il momento


Dopo una settimana intera a cercare di decidere se cambiare definitivamente il mio iPhone XS per passare al modello “inferiore” iPhone XR e rimasto poi con la scelta iniziale, oggi ho recuperato un po’ di post non letti complice una trasferta.

Tra tanta fuffa uno interessante di The Atlantic. Un esercizio di stile di alcuni fotografi con degli scatti sull’ubiquità dello smartphone in qualsiasi momento della nostra giornata.

According to reports issued by several market-research firms, including Forrester Research, the total number of smartphone users worldwide will reach 3 billion this year—40 percent of the human population. For many, these versatile handheld devices have become indispensable tools, providing connections to loved ones, entertainment, business applications, shopping opportunities, windows into the greater world of social media, news, history, education, and more. And of course, they can always be put to use for a quick selfie. With so many devices in so many hands now, the visual landscape has changed greatly, making it a rare event to find oneself in a group of people anywhere in the world and not see at least one of them using a phone. Collected here: a look at that smartphone landscape, and some of the stories of the phones’ owners.

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