Impossibile tornare indietro

Bob Lefsetz, in uno dei suoi filosofici post, scrive dell'inevitabilità del digitale. Sotto ogni punto di vista. Tornare indietro è impossibile, ma soprattutto, diciamocelo, dannatamente molto più scomodo. 

We cannot go backward. When you read about vinyl and the return to analog…ignore it. The vinyl fetishists are listening to reproductions of digital recordings on inferior equipment. Of course there are exceptions, tweaks with six figures invested listening to reissued analog recordings, and I’m fine with that, but what I’m not fine with is a media that keeps trumpeting the analog world. Vinyl records, books… Ignore the reactionaries, they can’t cope with change. The truth is digital is both easier and here to stay. We want to be able to buy a book on a beach. We don’t want to tote around a bag full of reading material. The fact that those in charge of the old school media are experiencing future shock is irrelevant.
And this affects art too. Which used to be experienced alone, oftentimes in the dark, we had time to kill. But now a big problem is people checking their cell phones in the theatre. And if you want to bitch about mobile phones I want you to give up instant access to your kids, the ability to make a restaurant reservation online…
The way to the future is not via the past. We don’t live in a disconnected, dreamy world. Which is why our music is not disconnected and dreamy. But that does not mean new twists on art cannot appear, and they will!
Andrea Contino