Blossom & Modern Ruin

Usually at the begging of each month I used to write about new music stuff. Hence, after listening new albums for a few times every Friday, I used to pick the best ones and suggest them here, in Italian. 

This time I've decided to dedicate this post to Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes. 

I met Gallows, former Frank Carter's band, back in 2009 at Rock in Idro in Milan. I was there for Limp Bizkit and the band was the opening act. I didn't like them in the first place, too hardcore for my tastes, especially when lyrics don't follow the music rhythm. 

Fast forward to 2015. It was one of the last days of Rdio, the music streaming service, and a new album appeared within my suggestions' page: Blossom by Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes.

A raw gem, a punch straight to your stomach, an unstoppable train of rabid, furious, angry hard rock. The way it's crafted implies you listen it with no interruptions. It's a manifesto of expressing your most hidden rage against the world and anybody you dislike and disrespects you. 

A catharsis. 

Yet, one of the most magnificent albums of the past 15 years, at least.

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes performing at Legends Club. Milan, October 2016

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes performing at Legends Club. Milan, October 2016

So, when in 2016 the band (which in the meantime changed rhythm guitarist and drummer) announced their second album to come out in January 2017: Modern Ruin.

One of my deepest fears was that this new album wouldn't been able to reach Blossom's peaks. 

But Blossom was too good to be outdated by something else. Modern Ruin is out for a week now. I've been listening to it non-stop for about 20 times from the beginning to the end. 
Because this album needs time, because in every song there's at least another one and, gosh the lyrics, they are the living proof of the artistic maturity of Frank.

So, I decided to avoid any comparison with Blossom. Modern Ruin is an evolution of that sound, while it maintains the inner vibe of the band it's also a master of fusing melody and a powerful lyrics intensity. 

Wild Flowers and its The Hives-esque sound is one of my favorites, but every day I change my mind and I really cannot decide which one to pick. Today I'm stuck with Thunder and its drums section. 

Ah drums, yes, drums. The new drummer Gareth Grover (formerly of Gallows) is just amazing. As I tweeted to him, being a newbie drummer myself. 

If you are curious about listening to Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, there's a bunch of new tour dates around Europe and the United Stated. Available here

Watching and listening to their videos is also a good place to start. 

Band & Albums vote: ★★★★ out of 4.

I've decided to cancel the Soundtrack blog. Better, all the posts I've written there have been now moved into AC, my main blog, in the section "Soundtrack". Where I'll keep talking about music I love. 

End of public service announcement.