Loud - How Apple Music UI should be

The last two months have been as crazy as hell. Good intentions too often get destroyed by reality and there's simply not enough time to do stuff we are pleased to accomplish. Such as writing here on Soundtrack.

Anyways. I got enough time to discover a new app I warmly suggest you to download: Loud.
It is available for iOS and it's a great substitute of Apple Music. Better it's something Apple should look after in order to learn how customers need a simple UI and appreciate an easy software interaction. 

I have accidentally fallen into it after I was looking for a proper Last.fm scrobbler for iOS, since none inside the iTunes Store is working properly with Apple Music. While Loud scrobbles in the background and saves offline scrobbles for later. So, if you are a Last.fmaholic and Apple Music power user like I am, this is the best option you can get on iOS.

Loud automatically syncs to your Apple Music, iTunes and iTunes Match libraries/playlists and show them up in a really nice interface. It misses the option to search for new artists/songs/albums and save them to your library, or navigate through Apple Music menus such as "For You" or "Radio". It basically replicates whatever you find into the "Music" section and reflects immediately any action you will do in it.

But I do think it's enough.

Even though it's really basic stuff, it's minimal, easy to use and it's as it was supposed to be a digital music interaction experience: on mobile 90% of the time I keep on listening to something I have already saved previously or downloaded for an offline usage and I need to access to it quickly. Have you tried to do so on the Music app?

Simply what I was looking for to have a decent music software experience on the go. 

Download it here.

I really hope that Shad Deen, Loud creator, will develop a desktop version as well!