Alcool e musica

Per iniziare questa domenica con un po' di musica vi consiglio il nuovo album di Iggy Pop, Post Pop Depression, suonato insieme a Josh Homme (che ne è anche il produttore) e Dean Fertita dei Queens of the Stone Age, e il batterista degli Arctic Monkeys Matt Helders.

È uscita una bell'intervista al cantante dei Limp Bizkit, per i quali nutro un debole particolare, Fred Durst sul blog di Flipboard, l'app aggregatrice di contenuti che abbiamo imparato a conoscere questi ultimi anni. Mi sono segnato questi due passaggi, ma se vi piace il genere vi invito a leggerla:

How has your sound evolved over the last 20 years?
In Limp Bizkit, we are what we are; none of us really knew each other before Limp Bizkit, we weren’t friends. When I wanted to put together the group, I went out and sought out the best musicians, who were luckily open to this idea I had. We just get in a room and I’m kind of like a composer or producer and this thing happens. What you hear with Limp Bizkit is just what happens. I’m kind of a ringleader and these guys are talented. We just do what we do without intending to do it.
No matter what we try to do or where we want to evolve, it always ends up sounding like Limp Bizkit. It’s just absurd; I can’t describe it. We can’t even try to make the sound of Limp Bizkit because we don’t know how it’s made, it’s this bizarre thing. It sounds crazy, but it’s the truth. I manage lots of new artists and lots of styles of music that I love and make personally—very, very different from Limp Bizkit—but when we get in a room, no matter what our headspace is, it just ends up sounding like Limp Bizkit. It just cannot change. It sounds a little nutty but it’s the truth.
So then, what does it sound like in a few words?
Well, I always come into Limp Bizkit with an urban approach. The rock parts of it are grounded and brought in by rock elements that others players were inspired by. So, I think it is rock-rap more than it would be rap-rock, from my perspective. A lot of our fans throughout the year wanted more rock, or more of this, and less rap and less that, and I always come from a place where it was The Beastie Boys meets The Cure meets Pantera meets Cypress Hill.

Infine, vi avevo promesso dell'alcool nel titolo. Ecco spiegato perché sono necessari dei bicchieri diversi per cocktail diversi.

Buona domenica!

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