#WhyIBlog Intervista a Sean Smith

Ieri sera su Twitter mi sono imbattuto in questo post su Medium. Un ragazzo di 23 anni, Sean Smith, la sua agenzia di marketing, pronto a sposarsi e nessuna paura del domani. Mi ha stupito la sua voglia di sbagliare, magari mettendo da parte la carriera o la ricchezza per il momento, ma costruirsi un bagaglio necessario. Il suo.

I’m 23, newly engaged, and growing a marketing agency. I’m living with my fiancé and our 3 pets in a wonderful apartment in Florida. I don’t need more money to get by, so what is more important than that? I have a great deal of personal freedom, and I can set my own pace (which is usually pretty fast) for my work environment, most importantly though (from a career perspective) — I have something that I can build and achieve myself, and learn from.

Scopro essere un blogger, contributor di varie testate online, decido di fargli le fatidiche domande per #WhyIBlog.

Present yourself. Name, Job, URL and platform used

I’m Sean Smith (snsmth.com), I’m a content marketing consultant building an agency called SimpleTiger (simpletiger.com) and I write on many publications including Medium, The Huffington Post, 99U, Copyblogger, Moz, and other publications around the web. 

Why do you blog?

I first took to blogging to create a name for myself in my industry. I didn’t know that I would fall in love with it shortly thereafter and create an ongoing addiction for years to come. Blogging was first out of necessity to attract new clients and establish myself as a credible source in the industry, but from there it took a life of its own whereby I was blogging about personal stories such as my experience skydiving, and general entrepreneurial lessons learned on publications like 99U.com and Pickcrew.com. Currently I blog a lot about content marketing, mainly to educate people in the industry and attract potential clients that might need help on the topics that I write about. I also write a lot on Medium about personal subjects, using it as an outlet much like a journal to spread the lessons that I’ve learned or thoughts that I’ve been having. 

What does it mean to open a blog in 2015?

I think this could mean many different things. I think that opening a blog in 2015 means you have a story to tell, about a subject, with an end-goal in mind. If you don’t have an end-goal in mind, and you don’t have a direct topic to focus on, there isn’t any point in opening a blog unless it’s just a personal expression of your own thoughts, which can be beneficial in itself. 

Did it help you to develop your job and your network?

Yes, very much so. I can root pretty much every connection and client that I’ve brought in back to a piece of content that I’ve written, shared, or engaged with. My network has grown pretty much solely off of my blogging efforts. 

Why are you using Medium.com? Do you find it better than a personal blog, and if so why?

I think Medium had a very powerful internal viral loop early on, for that reason I jumped to it very quickly. Since then they have pretty much closed that loop, which stings, but it’s still my favorite platform to write on due to the editor and ease of setup. I don’t say that it’s “better than” a personal blog, I think it’s just like any other network that it has its inherent benefits and drawbacks. I think that people try to compare it too much to a personal blog instead of what it actually is, a social network focused on written long-form content. In some cases it can perfectly solve the gripe of those looking for a simple platform to write on, but for some that want a more elaborate solution, it doesn’t fit that bill. If you’re writing and creating your own pages, and building your own campaigns like Tim Ferriss does on fourhourworkweek.com you wouldn’t want to move the entire thing over to Medium, but you might syndicate a few posts over there to get some buy-in from a different audience. For someone who just wants to write an article every once in a while, it’s fine.

One blog my readers shouldn't miss?

Copyblogger.com is my favorite blog that publishes content about writing, blogging, and content marketing. It’s what I’ve learned the most from and has helped me in my own copywriting. I’m also happy that after learning so much from Copyblogger I’m now a regular contributor. I would also recommend going to my Gibbon learning playlist (https://gibbon.co/snsmth/the-art-of-copywriting) and going down the list reading each of these posts in order to get a lot of value and inspiration towards their own blogging and copywriting efforts. I curated that list with the most influential posts I’ve read and written about copywriting and blogging.