#WhyIBlog Intervista a Adam Tinworth

Questa nuova intervista per #WhyIBlog mi porta a parlare con Adam Tinworth, conosciuto tramite Euan e il suo blog. Beh, l'ho trovato subito interessante e ho voluto coinvolgerlo.

Buona lettura.

Present yourself. Name, Job, URL and platform used.

Adam Tinworth

Digital publishing consultant and visiting lecturer in digital journalism


Movable Type (it’s pretty much just me, Daring Fireball and the Huffington Post on Movable Type these days…)

Why do you blog?

Back when I started blogging - in 2001 (!) - it was because I was frustrated with what my day job as a journalist allowed me to write about. In the years since I’ve discovered that the single most valuable thing about blogging is that it forces me to define and structure my thoughts in a way that makes sense in a blog post. In a sense, I discover what I think on a subject by forcing myself to write about it. I can then evolve that thinking by seeing how people react to what I’ve written.

Adam Tinworth

Fundamentally, though, I blog because I enjoy it. In fact, I’m enjoying it more and more as time goes on.

What does it mean to open a blog in 2014?

Well, it’s a hell of a lot harder than it was back in 2003…

It means two things: 

  1. Heading into a crowded marketplace for content and attention and fighting for your little corner of it through a mix of great blogging and sheer, bloody-minded determination
  2. Committing to writing long form pieces and exploring ideas that need to be expressed in more than 140 characters in an age when many people are heading in the other direction. C’mon, leave the shallows behind and joins in the deep end!

Did it help you to develop your job and your network?

Yes - blogging has been at the centre of my work since 2006, when I was promoted to develop a blog network that was delivering over 1 million page impressions monthly at its peak. And in 2012 it allowed me to transition smoothly top working as a freelance consultant through the contacts I’d made - and the reputation I’d built - through my blog. 

And yes, I’ve met both business contacts and good friends through my blogging. It’s fundamentally a social activity, so you should expect fundamentally social results… 

One blog my readers shouldn't miss?

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Andrea Contino