Sul crescere con i videogiochi


So che sarebbe un argomento più adatto a, ma è una cosa molto più personale che solo chi è cresciuto con un gamepad in mano potrà capire. Utilizzo parole non mie, ancora una volta provenienti da Medium:

It feels like a child’s argument, as though I were saying: I want to get away from here because the world is bad. And perhaps it was bad, once. I recall how, in my younger and more vulnerable years, I would hurry home from school thinking only of that brief window between my return and my parents coming back from work when I’d be alone with my game. In my mind I was actually plugging myself into the computer, journeying inside it like in the movies I’d seen…
I couldn’t talk about video games in this way now and expect to be treated like a serious person. That way lies the old stereotype of the sad man in the basement. To express an urge to escape adult society is to admit that something is wrong with your world, and that you might as well have given up trying to fix it.
But in truth, I’ve never really believed in ‘growing up’. People don’t somehow evolve into a better creature once they leave their teens: they just build on what they already have. They might accumulate more experience, but the essence of their personality contains an unchanging default to which they will forever return if given the opportunity. Perhaps we ought not to be ashamed to nurture this default from time to time.