Io ve lo avevo detto...

Tipo un paio di anni fa.

Il CES di Las Vegas appena conclusosi non ha fatto sconti.

Il 3D pare definitivamente morto anche sulle TV.

Come direbbe il mio prof. di Storia del Cinama allo IULM, Gianni Canova, la crisi del visivo. Da riassumere tutto nella chiosa di PandoDaily:

Unfortunately there isn’t much manufacturers can do to combat this. Apple called the iPhone display the “Retina Display” for a reason: Displays aren’t really limited by pixels anymore, they’re limited by what the human eye can see. Other, “cooler” display technology, like 3-D and SimulView, have to work around our biological limitations, and it turns out that glasses are the best way for them to do so.
The only problem is that we already used that solution, and unless we suddenly start embracing larger noses and wider ears, the ability to see a fight scene play out in 3-D is going to quickly run up against the ability to see, period.