Nei Social Media non c'è nessuna formula per il successo. Finché non lo decidi tu

In questo interessante post dove cerca di dare una definizione di Generation-C, Brian Solis scrive una saggia verità che tanti faticano ancora a comprendere.

Non c'è successo nei Social Media finché non si definisce cosa si vuole ottenere in cambio da essi, non si fa "il botto" solo perché si è presenti o perché si è aperta una paginetta Facebook.

There is a great myth that a winning formula exists for success in social media. If we can introduce the right viral content we can get more views or friends. If we can maintain a rhythmic editorial calendar we can spark conversations that create a social effect. If we can develop the most amazing app, we can rise to the top of our customer’s attention span! And, my personal favorite, if we get our company in social networks, we can build better relationships with our customers.

Perhaps businesses should ask another question…what do successful customer relationships and experiences look like in social media?

The formula for success in social media begins with first defining what success is and how it will be measured. This is one of the most important steps in any social media strategy, yet it is the first step that many businesses miss. The truth is that there is no formula for success. It requires something special for each strategy and it’s dependent on the people you’re trying to reach, their expectations, your business objectives and how this engagement ties specifically to your organization (sales, marketing, service, products, etc.)

Infine 5 consigli pratici, poche aziende arrivano al punto 3. Quasi nessuna al 5.

To help, there are 5 Ways to develop a strategic social media presence

1. Listen, Search, Walk a “Daily in the Life” of…
2. Define Your Online Brand: What do you want people to see and appreciate?
3. Develop a Social Media Strategy: Make your presence matter and tie it back to key business objectives
4. Build and Invest in Your Community: Participate and earn affinity to become a trusted resource
5. Learn: Repeat steps 1-5 over time to stay relevant as technology and behavior evolves