Se i blog fossero morti…

I miei 5 lettori sanno che l’argomento mi sta particolarmente a cuore (1,2, 3).

Brent Simmons forse ha centrato il punto.

A morire è l’idea che tutti dovrebbero avere un blog, non che siano quest’ultimi ad essere morti.

If blogs are dead, what are we reading in Instapaper?

If blogs are turning into places for more thoughtful writing, rather than as the onlyplace to share stuff, I think that’s awesome. We have a more diverse, interesting, textured set of web-tools than we used to. That’s good.

Death of an idea

Here’s what’s dead: the idea that everybody should have a blog.

I’m totally cool with that. Makes sense to me. But that’s a long way from meaning that blogs are dead