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Dopo aver intervistato Anthony e Taddeo di Squarespace, ieri mi sono imbattuto in un altro interessante abitante della Rete. Colin Wright.

Dopo aver letto la descrizione del suo blog ho voluto chiedergli qualcosa di più sul suo conto e su quello che lo muove a fare quello che fa. Pare si occupi di brand e cambia luogo di residenza ogni 4 mesi circa. A deciderlo? Gli utenti del suo blog.

Di seguito qualche domanda scambiata con lui per email.

1. Who are you?

I'm Colin Wright!

I run a branding studio, e-publishing business and blog called Exile Lifestyle.

Through Exile Lifestyle, I've sold everything I owned except for 50 possessions and I move to a new country every 4 months (my readers vote where I move).

2. How everything started about this experience of moving every 4 months?

I was living in LA, running my studio and living in a townhouse near the beach with my girlfriend. I decided that it was time to experience the world, because at this point I hadn't left the country.

There was so much out there that I knew I was missing out on - the people, the cultures, the ideas, the experiences - and I realized that by spending so much time working and playing the game, I was keeping myself ignorant.

At this point I started selling everything, my girlfriend and I started planning our breakup party, and I started writing my blog.

Since I had never left the US, I wanted to go EVERYWHERE, and since I wanted Exile Lifestyle to be a way for me to surround myself with brilliant people, I wanted to tap into that audience and ask them where I should go.

Minimalist Colin Wright and all of his possessions

3. Why are you doing this?

I know things I can read about and I know business, but I definitely didn't know much about the world. There are so many things that you can ONLY learn by being there, and I wanted to learn these things.

Most people wait until they are old to travel, and I was on the track to do the same, but I figured that if I was going to get the most benefit out of the experience, I should do it sooner rather than later, while I'm still young.

I also wanted an excuse to try different ways of living, and to participate in extreme lifestyle experiments. Since I left, I've become a Minimalist, stopped wearing black for 4 months, gone paperless and dozens of other mini-experiments that allow me to see what's really important in life.

4. How can you live without a job? Where's the earnings?

I run a few businesses.

I have a branding studio, through which I consult with people and businesses on how to optimize their brand.

I run an e-publishing business through which I create and sell my own ebooks and those of others.

I design and sell tshirts, I review products and act as an affiliate...there are many streams of income that are relatively simple to make from the road if you work at it and take the time to learn.

4.  For how long do you think this will continue?

I have no idea! Until I get bored, I guess! I'm having the time of my life, and making plenty of money, so until I find something I like better, I'll keep going :)

5. Are you going to write a book about this?

I would definitely like to.

I'm currently in the process of looking for agents and have it all outlined and ready to write, so we'll see where that goes. There has been some interest from TV studios, as well, so there's a chance that someday I could have a show of some sort.

I have also already written 3 ebooks, which are about branding, standing out and networking

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