Questione di zeri

Sembra che i blog effittivi che migreranno da Windows Live Spaces a Wordpress saranno 300 mila e non 30 milioni:

Wilcox, however, has managed to obtain internal e-mail messages exchanged between (yet unnamed) Microsoft employees that suggest far lower numbers.

However, according to a senior Microsoft manger e-mailing colleagues: โ€œThe net is: 300k sites are expected to migrate of the 30M โ€˜blogsโ€™ โ€” most are dead. WordPress is adding somewhere in the order of zero servers to handle this capacity. This was a โ€˜who has the best online service for blogging for our customersโ€™ and had nothing to do with technology.โ€

Ouch โ€“ so basically most of the 30 million so-called active blogs are in reality dead, and Microsoft expects a mere 300,000 sites to effectively migrate to (which currently hosts just south of 14 million blogs).