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Grazie a Napolux, ieri ho scoperto questo nuovo motore di ricerca, Duck Duck Go, che punta fortemente il suo esistere al contrapporsi a Google Search. Dopo averlo provato, nell’About potete farvi un’idea delle sue attuali funzionalità e potenzialità.

Sono riuscito a raggiungere per email il suo fondatore, Gabriel Weinberg, al quale ho chiesto qualche informazione in più sul progetto.

Certo si è infilato in una battaglia molto dura, nemmeno grandi colossi come Microsoft e Yahoo! sono riusciti a scalfire la market share di BigG, a parte qualche altalenanti punti percentuali. Detto questo, non sembra funzionare male, e forse  questa sua natura minimalista può essere uno dei suoi punti di forza. Vedremo fin dove saprà arrivare.

1. Who are you? Personal background.

Gabriel Weinberg. I'm a serial entrepreneur out of MIT. My last company was sold to in 2006. (Slightly) more at

2. Where the idea to create DuckDuck Go is born?

The motivation was I was seeing more spam and less relevant (gamed) results on Google. At the same time I saw a lot of crowd sourced sites, e.g. Wikipedia, that had great links and hardly any spam. So I mashed up some of those sites and DuckDuckGo was born!

3. Why this strange name? Where does it come from?

Haha, I now realize that outside the US it seems very strange. There is a children's game in US called Duck Duck Goose:,_duck,_goose

4. What is your idea of Google Search and which is the main difference between you and them?

Google search is obviously the gold standard, and I have deep respect for them. We do a lot of things different, however. Namely, zero-click info, more privacy, less spam, etc. I've tried to lay out the major ones on our About page:

The biggest one of these that is immediately noticeable is the Zero-click info. We take the crowd-sourced sites I mentioned above and pull out the best stuff and then put it on top so you get info about your search with zero-clicks! In the best case, your search ends there.

5. How do you feel about the competition with them?

I'm way way smaller, but I think I'm carving out a useful niche. That is my focus -- to deliver a better primary search engine to a subset of people that prefer the features I'm doing.

6. Any plans for the future? sell your idea to a big company?

My goal has been and still is to be a primary search engine for as many people as possible.

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