Yes. Privacy, please

Sempre sull’argomento Privacy, qui di seguito il bel lavoro realizzato da Andrea Vascellari per YouTube Play, un progetto tra YouTube e il museo Guggenheim rivolto ai video più creativi del web. Di cosa si tratta:

- The text scrolling along the bottom of the screen are real updates written by random facebook users who have kept their profiles public and therefore searchable on Using key search terms I was able to find very personal written statements from complete strangers who would probably never say what they wrote in public, yet their thoughts are available for public search.

- Finally, the third element of “Privacy” is the audio recording of a public space in New York City. The audio element of this project reflects how anyone can listen in on private conversation in the “real world”, paralleling the idea that anyone can “listen in on” what would be considered “private conversation” in the virtual world.